Skin Analysis

Measuring skin pH, moisture, oil content etc., using hygrometer.

Mini Facial

Cleanse, peel, extraction, and then mask.

Deluxe Facial

One hour of a concentrated massage focused on facial muscles with collagen treatment to re-hydrate and firm your skin.

Facial Massage

Cleanse, peel, and collagen massage to pump your cells, to firm and rejuvenate your skin.

Thermal mask / Ampoule

The latest electrical heat mask which aids quick penetration of ampoules and treatments through softening of the follicles, thus providing a better appearance of the skin.

Collagen Sheet

Cleanse, peel and 10 minutes of facial massage with collagen cream and collagen sheet, a serum
for re-hydration and the best results guaranteed to give you firmer and more supple skin.

Collagen Eye Pad Sheet

Aids dark circles and wrinkles.

Hydro Mask

Hydro Mask is a soothing, calming treatment that immediately reduces redness and irritation, replenishes sun-damaged, dehydrated skin. Contains powerful antioxidant ingredients to soften lines and wrinkles.