Full Body Massage

One hour of top-to-toe therapeutic massage using essential oils for aching muscles or relaxation


Upper Body Massage

30 minutes of back, neck, and shoulder massage.

Beautiful Body Wraps

As time goes by, many women develop problem zones, especially on hips, abdomen, buttocks and legs. Skin loses its elasticity and firm contours over time, resulting in appearance of cellulite and spider veins. The new forming body wrap offers premium quality body care, coupled with maximum physical and mental relaxation to bring both body and soul in harmony. The body wrap is a combination of Thalasso, algae that will visibly improve the skin and tissue moisture.

Endremology by LPG (Cellu M6)

 Body
 Face

Cellulite Body Wrap


Full Body Exfoliating & Toning


Lymphatic Drainage of the Body

Over 70% of the population suffers from some kind of circulatory disorder such as tendency to retain
fluid, cellulite, heavy or aching legs, swollen ankles, and so on. Pressure therapy is a suitable
treatment which stimulates the re-absorption of fluids and returns circulation. The Presor-01 is a
computerized pressure therapy appliance that provides highly effective, reliable, and safe veno-
lymphatic drainage.

LavaTRON RF Diathermy Treatment

Helps to control effects of weight gain and maintain body shape, removes wrinkles and keeps the
skin looking healthy, and relieves physical pain.

CACI Non-Surgical Face & Body Treatment

“CACI’s award-winning treatments use the very latest pioneering technologies and have been voted
the most effective anti-aging treatments available. The result of over two decades of research,
[CACI’s] non-invasive treatments can deliver dramatic, visible results without the need for surgery.
CACI treatments regularly capture media headlines and have a huge celebrity following. CACI
treatments are now available at over 6.000 of the world’s most prestigious treatment clinics.”